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"Your analysis enhanced our understanding of the markets we were planning to enter, and enabled us to do a better job of focusing our efforts on the right issues and on the right channels for our new product line launch.

I was impressed by your ability to quickly learn our business, and to bring us new insights that were very helpful in the development of our marketing plan. "

Chip Marshall, COO

Aura Communications, Inc.

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Every company is unique, and so are the challenges they face. So our specific approach will be different depending on the nature of the work required. However, we do follow a general path that has served us well over the years.

1. Situation assessment.

We start by listening. We meet with you, your employees, your vendors, and your customers. We gather information, learn about issues, test assumptions, identify obstacles and then begin to plot a course. We supplement this with initial industry research — to gather the latest industry and competitive intelligence and assess the key factors that drive competitive advantage in the business ecosystem. This critical early work helps to define clearly the nature of the challenge, assures that we are addressing the key issues, and establishes a clear path for the next phases of the work.

2. Analysis and strategy development.

Working closely with your senior team, we make some initial assessments using the insights gained from the research and analysis. We consider competitor analysis, customer data, and other research to develop ideas. Sometimes, the idea development stage leads to further questions and additional research. We develop plan concepts and consider the implications of various possible choices.

3. Review and evaluation.

After alternatives have been developed and assessed, we test the plan and its core assumptions. This phase often involves interviewing of prospective or existing customers or other relevant parties. It the case of new market initiatives, it often involves follow-up interviews pursuing more specific lines of questions to verify assumptions and clarify market requirements and reactions. Depending on the issue at hand, we sometimes leverage the expertise of one of our alliance partners to conduct more in-depth market research to fully test a new product or strategy.

4. Implementation plan.

We work with your senior team to define specific action plans and identify individual responsibilities. We assure that appropriate metrics are defined and processes put in place to track them, so progress can be monitored, and mid-course adjustments made if necessary. In today’s rapidly changing environment, it is critically important to be able to change tactics when required without losing sight of the overall strategic goals as market conditions change. Our approach is designed to make this flexibility a part of our strategic plans.

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